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Civil Litigation

“The juries are our judges of all fact, and of law when they choose it.”  - Thomas Jefferson 

What is Litigation?

A litigation firm is a law firm that tries cases in a court of law. Lawyers who bring legal disputes to a court of law are litigators. Hiring a litigation firm entails more than just standing up in court — services also include the extensive research and investigation needed to build a case, which can involve interviewing witnesses, gathering data, and reading through previous court cases. A litigation attorney will also counsel and advocate for a client, determine the client's desired outcome for a trial, and work with the client on establishing or defending a case.

Legal Disputes

The Law Office of Mary Okeiyi, offers comprehensive legal services related to cases such as medical malpractice, personal injury, contract disputes, fraud, wrongful termination, and legal disputes. With extensive knowledge and experience Attorney Okeiyi possesses the ability to handle intricate cases with utmost proficiency. Our core values of thorough preparation and investigation, ensure that no aspect of your case is overlooked. 


Our litigation firm provides legal advocacy services to help clients protect their rights and interests in a court of law. Experienced trial attorneys have the knowledge and skills necessary to build a strong case and advocate for their clients. We strive to provide the highest quality legal representation to ensure our clients achieve the best possible outcome.

 Over 20 Years of Legal Experience

Request a Consultation

Schedule a meeting with The Law Office of Mary Okeiyi to focus on evaluating the merits of your case, working out a strategy to handle the details, and for trial preparation as appropriate. 

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